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Name:Philip Daniel Wallace
Birthdate:Jul 8
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
Philip Daniel Wallace and his twin brother Phoenix are the sons of well-known rock 'n' roll drummer, Marshall, who played in the band of international rock star, Corbyn Bellerose, and Marshall's wife and high school sweetheart, Brenda. When Marshall scored the gig with Corbyn when the boys were only young, the family moved to California to be closer to Corbyn for recording, because Marshall didn't want to be far from his family all the time. The boys were close in age to Corbyn's younger child, son Ajay, and when they made the move to Cali, they became friends with the younger Bellerose, though his older sister Candy was definitely not in the equation of friendship with the way she treated Ajay.

Philip and Phoenix, both musically talented like their father, had the best musical training along the way, and while Phoenix followed in their dad's footsteps along the rock star route, Philip was a singer, dancer, and actor at heart and wanted to pursue a career on Broadway. While both of the boys were grateful for their father's help with their musical knowledge and growth, neither of them wanted to rely on his name to get them where they wanted to go, so they both pursued their careers in their own way.

It was on a short break from the pursuit of said career that Philip accidentally tripped and fell in love as he often jokes, with Emmanuel Marquez. He was in LA, visiting Phoenix on tour, and across the hotel’s bar, he spotted Valentina Sanchez, a well-known actress on a TV show, but next to her was the most stunning guy he’d ever seen in his life. Philip had always been pretty open about his sexuality… 150% gay… and he couldn’t help making with the eyefucking. Phoenix got a phone call, and ducked out of the room only moments before Emmanuel was walking into the bathroom. Unable to think of letting the gorgeous guy get away without at least giving it a go, Philip followed him into the bathroom, and it led to one hot and heavy fuck after another, first in the men’s room, then twice back in Emmanuel’s hotel room. It wasn’t as if he’d never had a casual hookup before, but there was something about this guy that had Philip hooked, and when Emmanuel tried to make a quick escape with a thanks for the good time, Philip gave him one last blowie for the road, and they traded contact info.

It was the beginning of a pretty hot love affair, mostly long distance. But whenever they were in the same city, they hooked up again. There was no stopping it progressing into more than casual sex. They had a sparking chemistry neither could deny, and feelings developed quickly. Emmanuel was unsure at first, knowing his job meant his feet didn't touch the ground in one place for too long and he didn't know how it would go keeping up a relationship like that. Philip was also very career focused, but somehow, it just worked because neither put any restrictions or expectations on it. In fact, they even tried keeping it an open relationship at first, knowing the distance could mean they both had needs. What they found was neither slept with anyone else, instead waiting to return to each other and having spent time apart, the reunion sex was fiery.

Their relationship just continued to blossom, until one day, Philip was suddenly popping the question to Emmanuel completely out of the blue. Emmanuel hadn't seen it coming at all, and although he had concerns about being away so much that wouldn't be good for a marriage, suddenly being proposed to made it feel right. They decided against a big wedding, instead sinking the cash into jetting off to a luxury tropical location with Shane, Valentina, and Phoenix as witnesses and got married on sunset on the beach, followed by three weeks of epic honeymoon sex.

Now they're based in New York City, where Philip now has the Broadway role of Kenickie in Grease on Broadway (earning Emmanuel lots of teasing about getting a hickey from Kenickie). They're marriage is going strong and even though Emmanuel is away for days at a time with his job, it works for them and they couldn't be happier.
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